[Emerald] Bug in RadiusNT2.5.213 ? - Accounts get mysterious Session-Timeout values

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Thu, 8 Jun 2000 07:31:14 +0800


I am running RadiusNT 2.5.213 as a service on my NT4 server. TimeBanking
feature is checked.

We turned on full logging to authlog.txt and acctlog.txt recently to track
down some mysterious dialup disconnections whose AcctTerminateCause's are
"Session Timeout". The auth log shows that these accounts got assigned a
Session-Timeout = 60 when they got disconnected.

A closer look shows that these accounts that get disconnected (sometimes-not
all the times) don't have any values in the TimeLeft field field. They get
disconnected due to "Session Timeout" once in a while. The service defaults
for their services have a Session-Timeout of 32,000 seconds.

Notes :

1. All services have a similar service default of Session-Timeout = 32,000
seconds to prevent a previous bug we found wherein RadiusNT spews out very
large values for Session-Timeout, if no default is supplied.

2. We have lots of Prepaid accounts (under just 1 MBR) that have values in
their TimeLeft fields.

3. Demo accounts (also under just 1 MBR) also have values in their TimeLeft

4. Pospaid accounts (each with their own MBR) don't have values in their
TimeLeft fields.

5. Sometimes, the accounts that get disconnected get the proper
Session-Timeout = 32,000 (from Service defaults). But sometimes, they get
Session-Timeout = 60.

What could possibly be wrong ?

- Danny SInang

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