[Emerald] Emerald/ Domain/ Serv-U problem

Info ( (no email) )
Wed, 7 Jun 2000 10:04:57 -0700

I called ina nd talked to Mike about a problem we were having with domains
wanting unique logins. Mike isntructed me on how to fix this.
1) EmerAdmin create a domain and billing group for each domain and make
sure to mark Unique login.
2) Make sure their Master Account has the Group as their domain name.

Now here is the problem. EmerAuth and Serv-U have no way of telling which
Domain that username is loggin into. So for example if I have info@abc.com
and info@cowdaddy.com as logins, the problem pops up. Neither one gets into
their FTP folder.

What is the fix?

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