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Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 1 Jun 2000 12:56:07 -0400

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> > You don't need to modify any triggers to get this to work.
> > Although you can make it so that radius attribute 195 has the name
> > "Acct-Terminate-Cause" (matching attribute 49), if you're using Ascend
> > equipment along with other equipment that uses attribute 49, you
> > should not
> > mix them. The numeric data that's sent by the NAS for each are not the
> > same. In other words, a value of 11 for Acct-Terminate-Cause =
> > "NAS Reboot
> > (The NAS ended the session in order to reboot non-administratively
> > ("crash"))" but a value of 11 for Ascend-Disconnect-Cause is "DCD
> > detected;
> > but went inactive" (loss of carrier).
> This is not a problem for us because we can tell by which node they dial
> into as to what table to use to look up the code.
> So what I would need to do is remove the descriptions for the portmasters
> in emerald it shows us the number code, and then get radius to log
> ascend-disconnect-cause in the acctterminatecause field along with the
> acct-terminate-cause from the portmasters.
> 1) how do I get emerald to show me the number codes for the
> acctterminatecause field? Can I just remove the descriptions from
> emeraldadmin/radiusnt/attributevalues and then it shows the numbers again?

You can't. The text descriptions that Emerald displays in the Time-on area
are apparently hard-coded into the program. They're not coming from a
cross-referenced table (this is how I did it for my SQL script). Text
descriptions will always be displayed for any numeric values between 1 and
18 (assuming Emerald has the complete listing from RFC-2059. If the Ascend
unit records a disconnect cause of 185 (loss of signal from remote end),
it'll just display the number. If the Ascend records 11, Emerald would
display "NAS Reboot" eventhough that's not what 11 means when coming from
Ascend. I posted to the Emerald list yesterday references to all

> 2) what do I have to do (I'm still not clear on this) to make radius
> information for field 195 ascend-disconnect-cause so it gets logged in the
> acctterminatecause field? I've no idea where this relationship information
> is actually configured.

If you already have "AcctTerminateCause" (no hyphens) as a column in your
Calls table, you just need to modify the radius dictionary to redirect
Ascend-Disconnect-Cause to Acct-Terminate-Cause:
UPDATE RadAttributes
SET Name = 'Acct-Terminate-Cause'
WHERE RadAttributeID = 195
Then restart RadiusNT.


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