RE: [Emerald] TNT terminate causes

Emerald ( (no email) )
Thu, 1 Jun 2000 11:27:39 -0400

> You don't need to modify any triggers to get this to work.
> Although you can make it so that radius attribute 195 has the name
> "Acct-Terminate-Cause" (matching attribute 49), if you're using Ascend
> equipment along with other equipment that uses attribute 49, you
> should not
> mix them. The numeric data that's sent by the NAS for each are not the
> same. In other words, a value of 11 for Acct-Terminate-Cause =
> "NAS Reboot
> (The NAS ended the session in order to reboot non-administratively
> ("crash"))" but a value of 11 for Ascend-Disconnect-Cause is "DCD
> detected;
> but went inactive" (loss of carrier).

This is not a problem for us because we can tell by which node they dial
into as to what table to use to look up the code.

So what I would need to do is remove the descriptions for the portmasters so
in emerald it shows us the number code, and then get radius to log
ascend-disconnect-cause in the acctterminatecause field along with the
acct-terminate-cause from the portmasters.

So now I have 2 questions.

1) how do I get emerald to show me the number codes for the
acctterminatecause field? Can I just remove the descriptions from
emeraldadmin/radiusnt/attributevalues and then it shows the numbers again?

2) what do I have to do (I'm still not clear on this) to make radius
information for field 195 ascent-disconnect-cause so it gets logged in the
acctterminatecause field? I've no idea where this relationship information
is actually configured.


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