[NTISP] Post.Office Complaints

Nolan Bailey Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 10 May 2000 12:40:48 GMT

In my opinion, the problem(s) with Post.Office are as follows:

- "I'm downloading my mail and the transfer hangs" . Users
that use Outlook would routinely call about their mail is
timing out. For some reason, Post.Office doesn't like Outlook
(and Outlook is one of the most popular e-mail clients).

- The admin. isn't given an easy way to clean up unread (old) mail.
(Therefore, users that subscribe to lists, but never check their
mail -- eat up disk space.) They don't have a process
that will check If mail>=5 months old and not read then delete it.

- No true mail relaying (spammer) prevention. If the sending
domain = one of your own domains then send it. Therefore,
spammers use your service to relay spam with your domain
name. They have what they call mail relaying blocking --
but, it is _easily_ circumvented. You end up having to buy
MailShield or some other spam-block software. NTMail has
this implemented correctly (I believe).

- No web interface to check, send, receive, mail.
(ie. a Hotmail interface - with spell checking, etc. etc.)
This is needed to lessen the tech. support calls for ISPs...
and for customer convenience. "Go to this URL to check your
mail" -- as opposed to "Click On Start, Programs, Outlook...
let's go though all of your options." A mail interface would
save the customers (and businesses) time.

- No body, subject, or sender word blocking. Therefore, if the
admin. wants to block a particular type of e-mail (based on a
word in the subject or body) and redirect (or copy) to another
account, you can't do it with Post.Office.

- There isn't an _easy_ way to setup a form letter to greet
new customers, or to customize error related letters that
are sent to customers. They have a certain procedure to do
this - but, why not integrate it into the admin. menu? It would
be nice to be able to easily customize new account letters
as well as error messages (to make them understandable by

- No way easy setup a replicating mail server arrangement.
Or, at least replicate the accounts to a different server so
if one goes down, the other is used to keep the business going.

- Post.Office doesn't clean up after itself. The admin.
occasionally has to dig through its directories, and identify
garbage that it leaves, and clean up after it.

- Slow to get new releases with new features out to market.

- No pay? No support. If you don't buy a support contract from
them, you're S.O.L.


Other than these items, they are easy to setup and get going,and are pretty stable.

I suspect since they have a large customer base, they aren'tworried about these items (yet)... because, the money is toogood to worry about it..?

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