[NTISP] error 2140 when starting WWW service

Mike Kovacich ( (no email) )
Wed, 10 May 2000 07:51:17 -0400

We had a power outage last night that lasted longer than the UPS can take and
the NT service powered down. Now when the WWW service attempts to start an
error message:
"error 2140 An internal Windows NT error occurred"

Microsoft's Knowledge base has nothing on this error for IIS but does have
something for NT as this seems like an NT issue. I found this but doesn't say
what to do to fix it.
An Internal Windows NT Error occurred. Error has been associated with
Database backup. "The Sync Agent
Service could not replicate database to \\SERVERNAME\VOLUME\DIRECTORY
because of Jet Database error

We are running NT4 sp6a. Anyone have any clues ?

--Mike Kovacich

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