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Gilles Delisle ( (no email) )
Tue, 9 May 2000 15:15:06 -0400

Us we now use IMAIL from IPSWITCH to replace our old NTMAIL and it s work
very fine for us

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I always appreciate it very much when somebody from the
company in question decides to drop in a discussion and
give some information/explanations about the problem.

However I simply cannot get a clear answer on whether there
will be a new PostOffice version for NT soon. I got this promised
several times by your company for 2 years but I see nothing
showing up!

I also had a look at VOP Mail and Mailsite. In terms of features they are
interesting but the user interface is simply not good in my opinion.

What we really need in Postoffice is:

- Delegated administration
- SQL/ODBC database support

Maybe going for a sendmail option on Linux is the best choice??


At 07:31 AM 5/7/2000 , you wrote:
>Richard -
>I agree with you, that's broken that we don't just publish the script
>mentioned in the instructions. However, there's no magic in that script.
>The instructions do give enough information if you have some basic
>in-house, but I agree that we should just post the sample script as well.
>I'm asking around to find out where that comes from, as I don't actually
>work in Support or the Post.Office area.
>It is certainly not a question of making money - I think the point is that
>if we give free support to everyone we'll be swamped, and that's not fair
>the folks that *do* put up the money for support. But posting the script
>doesn't cost anything (the problem comes when people can't get it to
>-- PW
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>From: Richard Fink <>
> >Paul,
> >
> >What gives here ? We're a small ISP that paid that Extra Amount back
>for the "next upgrade" that never came. I went to your web site and found
>the writer at the bottom of this message is absolutely correct. Is this a
>convincing issue to stay with Post Office, or is this THE convincing issue
>to look elsewhere, NOW.
> >
> >Please, don't become an abetting arm of the virus writer by holding your
>customer base hostage for payment. Become part of the solution by easily
>and freely rendering the virus writer USELESS, and gain stature among your
>much heralded 102,000,000 mailbox users of your product.
> >
> >Your company's reaction here to make money at a time of odds is abhorrent
>at best, unethical at worst.
> >
> >-Richard Fink
> >
> >
> >
> > > has posted on their website that they have a script to
> > >any messages that contain the "ILOVEYOU" virus.. However they require
> > >you have a service contract with them to aquire this script..
> > >
> > >I personally think they should have provided that to ANYONE that owns
> > >Post.Office.. even the Anti-virus software companies posted a removal
> > >program or instructions for ANYONE to download and use.
> > >I have asked them to provide it to those that do not have contracts.
> > >
> > > R.F.
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