[NTISP] C++ CGI on IIS and Win2000 need more permissions

Louis Marquette ( Louis@EventLister.com )
Mon, 08 May 2000 01:07:09 -0400

I have a c++ CGI program that is running on a Win2000 machine with IIS
web server.
The problem is Windows user permissions. The CGI file can't write to
most directories because it was spawned by the IIS which runs as
Everybody. So obviously the CGI brogram inherits this user level and can

only write to directores that Everybody has access to. I need more. I
need to upgrade the User level of the CGI program to Administrator
(dangerous, I know.) In unix a "chmod u+s CGIFILENAME" will do this.
How do I do this in Windows??
ANY ideas will be appreciated VERY much. (You actually might have to
worry abt me trying to kiss you)

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