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Garcia Melga Pablo ( )
Wed, 23 Feb 2000 15:57:35 -0300

Try NPLEX Global from Critical Path. <>
I'm using it and it's the fastest solution I've ever seen.

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Subject: [NTISP] ISP class Mail Server

Hello all,
We are looking to upgrade our mail server from an older version of MCIS
for security issues (spam relays) as well as the need for web mail and
better web administration.
My concern is transferring the users from MCIS to which ever mail server
we select, because MCIS uses the NT user manager for user names and
passwords. Could anyone suggest a good mail server or a solution that we
could implement so we could avoid putting all the man hours into entering
thousands of individual accounts and routing tables?
We are currently looking at Seattle Labs, NT Mail and Imail but would
certainly be open to any suggestions you may have.

Thanks in advance,

Gabriel Sponsler
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