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Agreed. NAI's website is one of the worst on the web for major
companies. It's way too cluttered and chuck the damn ads. I finally
was able to download a demo copy after not being able to download it all
weekend due to them having problems between them and Qwest which would
kill every FTP about half way through. I still don't know the pricing
though because they make a human call you to give you the pricing. It's
fine by me if they are willing to negotiate. I think some folks think
ISPs are bottomless money supplies. Anyway, I will be testing it today
and routing one of our domain's mail through it. I'll post back the


N>No pricing on their site... I hate that. -Ric

N>At 12:40 PM 11/12/1999 -0400, you wrote:

N>>Yep, WebShield SMTP from Network Associates. It's basically an
N>all-in-one >SMTP gateway and virus scanner.
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N>> > Has anyone started offering E-mail virus scanning to their
N>> > customers ? If so
N>> > what E-Mail package and virus scanning software are you using ?

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