Re: [RadiusNT] RadiusNT ODBC error

Steven Plautz ( (no email) )
Fri, 7 Apr 2000 09:29:26 -0400

What exactly does checking "Unknown" do? The RadCheckDomain stored
procedure always returns the 'DEFAULT' server if present and I don't see how
RadiuNT could know which is the default since the domain field isn't one of
the fields returned.

Steven Plautz
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> "Swick, Forrest" wrote:
> >
> > Thanks Dale!
> >
> > It worked. I was just able to use radlogin to authenticate against the
> > database!
> >
> > Now Any tips on using Proxy.
> >
> > Our dial in is Total Control. I want it to look at the RadiusNT box and
> > authenticate if it the username is found, if no username then roll to a
> > box with Radius on Unix.
> This is covered in the RadiusNT documentation, Proxy section:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> There are several options for configuring the roaming feature in
> the two above noted tables, RadRoamServer and RadRoamDomains.
> One of the more useful options is the default domain. If you
> define a domain as "DEFAULT", RadiusNT/X will send all roaming
> requests to it that do not have a matching domain. However, you
> must make sure the priority for the DEFAULT domain is higher than
> all other domains you have listed. Any domain that has a higher
> priority than the default domain will be sent to the default
> domain. The first domain matching the users's domain (or the
> DEFAULT entry) with the lowest priority is the one used.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> You define this default entry, then enable User Proxy,
> Authentication, and Unknown. Then RadiusNT/X will forward any
> unknown users to that DEFAULT entry.
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