Re: [RadiusNT] PPP has no RADIUS default attributes

Chuck Chopp ( )
Fri, 11 Feb 2000 13:05:12 -0500

"Dale E. Reed Jr." wrote:

> Chuck Chopp wrote:
> >
> > I noticed that early in the log file there is an ODBC error that happens
> > due to a syntax error in an SQL statement. I think that this SQL error
> > is the actual source of the problem since it appears to affect the
> > loading of attribute information from the database into the radius
> > program.
> Version of RadiusNT past 2.5.200, have full VSA support. I would guess
> that your DB doesn't have the VSA columns (VendorID and VendorType) in
> the RadConfigs or RadATConfigs tables. You should also have those in
> the
> RadAttributes and RadValues tables. If you don't have those columns,
> the
> defaults will not load.

I checked out the table structure for each of those tables. The RadVendorID
and RadVendorType fields were present in 3 of the 4 tables. The RadValues
table was missing these fields. I opened up the database in Access 97 and
added those fields. I then saved the modified tables and started up the
radius server with "radius -x15". I then retried the authentication test with
"radlogin test test". I got the same authentication rejection that I was
getting previously. The debug output from radius still indicates the

test: PPP has no RADIUS default attributes.

test: PPP has no RADIUS default attributes.

For some reason it just won't read the default attributes for the "PPP"
account type. All of these settings are at their "out of the box" default
values. I would expect that the sample database that gets shipped with the
product would be valid, but at this point I cannot tell if the database is
wrong or if there is a bug in the software.


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