Re: [RadiusNT] Lucent MAX3048

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Mon, 7 Feb 2000 10:04:38 -0500

From: Mike Kovacich <>
> I'm finishing configuring a MAX3048. Last test I did during an
authentication in
> -x15 mode it would just continuously spit out identifiers. The Ascend link
on IEA
> site are dead. I have read on this list that additional Ascend fields and
> must be added to the database. Can someone be more specific or point me to
a site
> the tells me what I would need to change for a MAX3048 to work with
RadiusNT ?

Here's my Calls table (used with Max 40xx units).
The "ConnectInfo" can probably be left off since Ascend doesn't use this.
I renamed attribute 195 in RadAttributes, from "AscendDisconnectCause" to
"AcctTerminateCause" and renamed the same column in Calls so that the "Time
On" tab in Emerald would work correctly.

Column_name Type Length Nullable
-------------------------------------- ------- --------
CallDate smalldatetime 4 no
UserName varchar 32 no
AcctSessionID varchar 10 no
AcctSessionTime int 4 yes
AscendDataRate int 4 yes
AcctTerminateCause int 4 yes
FramedAddress varchar 16 yes
NASIdentifier varchar 16 no
AscendModemSlotNo int 4 yes
AscendModemPortNo int 4 yes
NASPort int 4 no
AscendConnectProgress int 4 yes
AcctStatusType tinyint 1 no
FramedProtocol int 4 yes
AscendFirstDest varchar 16 yes
AcctDelayTime int 4 yes
AcctInputOctets int 4 yes
AcctOutputOctets int 4 yes
AcctInputPackets int 4 yes
AcctOutputPackets int 4 yes
AscendPreInputOctets int 4 yes
AscendPreOutputOctets int 4 yes
AscendPreInputPackets int 4 yes
AscendPreOutputPackets int 4 yes
AscendPreSessionTime int 4 yes
AccountID int 4 yes
AscendXmitRate int 4 yes
CallerID varchar 15 yes
ConnectInfo varchar 32 yes
ServerID int 4 yes
Status tinyint 1 yes
NASPortDNIS varchar 15 yes
AscendMultilinkID int 4 yes
AscendNumInMultilink int 4 yes


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