Re: [RadiusNT] Lucent MAX3048

Mike Kovacich ( (no email) )
Mon, 07 Feb 2000 12:07:25 -0500

Thanks Josh, next question. Can I use one calls table to do different NAS, eg
Gandalf (Mitel) and MAX3048. Some fields are similar but many different one. The
Gandalf NAS sends the CallDate as two separate fields, Date and Time among other
things. My thought is as long as the field is there each NAS will put what info
it needs to in the set field.

I should note currently I am not using the Radius accounting feature on the
Gandalf, I am downloading daily via ftp from the NAS and then converting to a
separate table in the database called calls-log. I could keep doing this and
keep Ascend calls in the calls table but it would be nice to have all NAS using
same calls table for ease of lookup etc.

--Mike Kovacich

Josh Hillman wrote:

> From: Mike Kovacich <>> > I'm finishing configuring a MAX3048. Last test I did during an> authentication in> > -x15 mode it would just continuously spit out identifiers. The Ascend link> on IEA> > site are dead. I have read on this list that additional Ascend fields and> values> > must be added to the database. Can someone be more specific or point me to> a site> > the tells me what I would need to change for a MAX3048 to work with> RadiusNT ?>> Here's my Calls table (used with Max 40xx units).> The "ConnectInfo" can probably be left off since Ascend doesn't use this.> I renamed attribute 195 in RadAttributes, from "AscendDisconnectCause" to> "AcctTerminateCause" and renamed the same column in Calls so that the "Time> On" tab in Emerald would work correctly.>> Column_name Type Length Nullable> -------------------------------------- ------- --------> CallDate smalldatetime 4 no> UserName varchar 32 no> AcctSessionID varchar 10 no> AcctSessionTime int 4 yes> AscendDataRate int 4 yes> AcctTerminateCause int 4 yes> FramedAddress varchar 16 yes> NASIdentifier varchar 16 no> AscendModemSlotNo int 4 yes> AscendModemPortNo int 4 yes> NASPort int 4 no> AscendConnectProgress int 4 yes> AcctStatusType tinyint 1 no> FramedProtocol int 4 yes> AscendFirstDest varchar 16 yes> AcctDelayTime int 4 yes> AcctInputOctets int 4 yes> AcctOutputOctets int 4 yes> AcctInputPackets int 4 yes> AcctOutputPackets int 4 yes> AscendPreInputOctets int 4 yes> AscendPreOutputOctets int 4 yes> AscendPreInputPackets int 4 yes> AscendPreOutputPackets int 4 yes> AscendPreSessionTime int 4 yes> AccountID int 4 yes> AscendXmitRate int 4 yes> CallerID varchar 15 yes> ConnectInfo varchar 32 yes> ServerID int 4 yes> Status tinyint 1 yes> NASPortDNIS varchar 15 yes> AscendMultilinkID int 4 yes> AscendNumInMultilink int 4 yes>> Josh>> For more information about this list (including removal) go to:>

For more information about this list (including removal) go to: