[RadiusNT] RadiusNt 3 Auth Problem

Sun, 09 Jan 2000 14:24:14 -0500

I have purchased and installed version 3 and I am having a problem with it.

The caching is great but, it seems that any additions or changes to the
Active status of an account are not recognized. We are using an MSSQL db.

If a new user signs up online, all necessary db entries are made during the
signup process to allow them instant access to our network. Since
installing v 3, they cannot authenticate. The RadLogs reason is 10 User not

If a users account has been deactivated for non-payment (Active set to 0)
and a payment is recorded to their account, they are automatically
reinstated to Active = 1. They cannot authenticate. Again RagLogs reason 10
User not found.

I must stop and restart Radius before it will recognize these users.

Below is debug info from one such attempt. This user had signed up online
and was activated in the DB:

radrecv: Request from host cef4b5e3 (gate3) code=1, id=0, length=75
User-Name = "1113@pop900"
NAS-Identifier =
Password = "x\215"'\226:4\222\276\237\036A\365\270\224\232"
NAS-Port = 1
User-Service = Framed-User
Framed-Protocol = PPP

SQL Statement: {CALL RadGetUser('1113@pop900',NULL)}

SQL Statement: {CALL RadGetUser('1113@pop900',NULL)}
Sending Reject of id 0 to cef4b5e3 (gate3)
Resp Time: 10 Auth: 1293/34 -> 1327 Acct: 2073/0/0 -> 2073

SQL Statement: {CALL RadGetCacheUsers('20000109 5:54:24',1)}

Any ideas?

InterNet Access Network
Voice: 937-461-3660 Fax:937-228-2773

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