Re: [RadiusNT] User based proxy

S.Tumurbaatar ( (no email) )
Sat, 11 Dec 1999 08:59:46 +0800

> > PS: My test failed, The 1st radius accepts, checks domain and forwards
> > request
> > to the 2nd radius well. But it seems at 2nd server I configured tables
> > incorrectly.
> What does the -x15 show on the second machine?

I replaced corrupted password with '?????'. Others are not modified.
But why password is corrupted? Before when NAS was directly connecting to
the 2nd
server, there was no problem.

radrecv: Request from host ca83000f code=1, id=233, length=68
User-Name = "11111"
Password = "o4\177\355Ww\237\013\372\320+\332\010\266\262\375"
NAS-Identifier =
NAS-Port = 0
Proxy-State = "944871428"

SQL Statement: Select DateDiff('n', Now, DateAdd('d', ma.Extension+1,
ate)), DateDiff('n', Now, DateAdd('d', ma.Extension+1, maExpireDate)),
tID, sa.AccountType, sa.Password, sa.Login, sa.Shell, sa.TimeLeft,
ma.Balance, m
a.OverLimit From MasterAccounts ma, SubAccounts sa Where sa.Login='11111'
ma.CustomerID=sa.CustomerID and sa.Active<>0 and ma.Active<>0

(UNIX) User Password: ????????? DB Password: pvB/kYzc5TVkY Encrypted Pas
sword: pvT48PJbZmQ52
Decrypted Password: pvT48PJbZmQ52
Database Password: pvB/kYzc5TVkY
Sending Reject of id 233 to ca83000f (Prepaid local)

SQL Statement: INSERT INTO RadLogs(RadLogMsgID, LogDate, Username, Data,
ntifier, NASPort, CallerID) VALUES (11, Now, '11111', '????????', '127.
0.0.1', 0, NULL)

User: 11111 Bad Password
Resp Time: 1963 Auth: 0/1 -> 1 Acct: 0/0/0 -> 0

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