[RadiusNT] User based proxy

S.Tumurbaatar ( (no email) )
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 17:50:34 +0800

In RadiusNT Admin there're 2 additional checkboxes near User based proxy
checkbox: Unknown and Echo. What do they mean?
Also I'm going to test user based proxy feature. As I understand,
the proxying radius server does following things:
1. Checks an incoming request's IP to determine whether it from registered
2. If yes and User proxy is enabled, then unpacks the packet with the secret
of the above
terminal server and checks a domain part of the username.
3. If there's a roam server registered for this domain, re-packs this packet
with secret of
the roam server. Before packing, it removes the domain portion becouse I
Strip domain checkbox on the roam server configuration. Other things are
packed without
4. Forwards packet to the secondary server.

On the secondary radius server I registered the real client (terminal
server) which is sending
requests, but IP and secret are of the 1st radius server. Also becouse I
hope that the
1st server will remove the domain portion, on the 2nd server I registered
usernames without
Finally, I checked (at Advanced Tab of the 1st server admin) User based
Acc and Auth checkboxes.

Becouse the 1st server is running server and now there're a lot of users
I cannot reboot it until night. Before testing I decided to send this
message. May be
someone can tell me whether I've forgot something or doing wrong.

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