[RadiusNT] RE: SNMP concurrency checking

Lamar Townsend ( (no email) )
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 00:49:51 -0600

What hardware are you using. I have been trying to get SNMP concurrency
checking working with the USR for a while now and have pretty much given
up. I needed to get some info on how to populate the serverports and all
but that has not happened yet. I also could not get any SNMP data out of
RadiusNT after 2.5.175. I do not know what is different in 2.5.195 and 199
but it broke my setup. I'm sure Dale and the gang could help get that up
and running pretty easily. I would be interested to know how you put the
OIDs into the database. The docs I have were kinda lacking in that
department. But I believe that was one of the new additions to the
software when the RadiusNT 2.5 docs were done. I have a html doc that Kurt
sent me that tells a little about setting it up but the start port on it
seems to be off by 256 from what I have gathered. SNMP Concurrency Control
sure would be nice on those nights when SWEPCO (South Western Electric
Power Company) decided to kill the juice just long enough to drain the USPs
while they are putting the new hospital across the street online.

Lamar Townsend

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