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Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 17 May 2000 09:05:58 -0700

Scottie Arnett wrote:
> Ok, I am stupid. :) How do I get rid of the voided invoices to keep them
> from coming up in my invoicing screen. I prefer to do away with them
> entirely, although not best accounting practices. ALso, I have 4 users that
> should never be invoiced, but they are. This is where all the voided
> invoices come into play. How can I keep them from being invoiced? I have
> unchecked "send bill". What else do I need to do? These should never
> expire...they are expiring also. Tried leaving the expired date blank, but
> Emerald does not like that. I am using the version 2.5.331.

You can't (unless you do it manually, which is not supported). You
need to set their Paymethod to none or other to prevent them from
being billed. Send Bill is only for email invoice sending.


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