Re: [Emerald] Call Log has domain name info from Radius

Randy Martin ( )
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 23:45:17 -0500

At 12:01 AM 4/13/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>From: Randy Martin <>
> > I have RadiusNT setup to trim name both spaces and domains. This works
> > great, as I have some users that just _cannot_ get their computer setup to
> > dialin without a domain name. However, I noticed today that the entire
> > username (spaces, domain names, everything) is getting inserted into the
> > calls table.
> >
> > I have two questions: 1) how do I keep this from happening
>What version of RadiusNT are you using? A few versions ago, RadiusNT 2.5
>was doing this, but an update (along with subsequent ones) fixed it. We're
>using 2.5.213 and it doesn't have this problem as far as I know. Be aware
>that the RadiusNT Administrator currently does not have the ability to set
>"AllowMalformed=3" or whatever the registry setting is. If this is what
>you'd normally have it set to, then you'll have to fix this in the registry
>everytime you save anything via the Admin since doing so, will reset it to 0
>or 1.

I'm running version 3.0.167. This version was installed on my Radius server
by the IEA support person who did my QuickStart. I notice that it's a later
version than what's available on the FTP site. I don't know what to think
about that.

Are you saying that I _should_ be running AllowMalformed=3? Where do I find
out what the different settings for AllowMalformed mean?

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