[Emerald] questions

Thomas Browner ( (no email) )
Fri, 31 Mar 2000 15:46:45 -0600


I have some questions that I need the answers for.

1) The first question is how does Prorate of a account work. The reason that
I am asking is that we are using Total Internet CD for users to singe up
with. When they set up the account it does not prorate the account. When we
set the account up with the same info by using emerald the account is

2) Why does a account that is expired like on the first of February is still
being billed for the month of April?

3) I am about to setup ftp serv-u. I know that emerald has ftp file limit.
Does that have any thing to do with the homedirlimit and if so how do I set
it up?


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