Re: [Emerald] Re: Invoicing

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 29 Mar 2000 10:22:17 -0800

Dixita Shah wrote:
> Hello Josh,
> The Emerald version we are using is 2.5.329 and it does not ask us if we
> want to unassociate the charges.
> Also, if anyone can help with this. I have a customer for whom I would like
> to invoice for a modem for example. So, I go to new invoice and add the
> price of the modem etc and then save. It shows up in the MBR history but it
> comes in as paid??? You can see it as an invoice in the history section but
> if I go to billing the MBR has no balance payment and the invoice also shows
> up as paid.
> Any assistance will be appreciated!

There are two types of manual invoices in Emerald. The default is
a stand alone invoice that doesn't affect the account. That is the
one that you are creating. If you change the type to renewal, then
it will affect the balance of the account.


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