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Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 29 Mar 2000 10:20:52 -0800 wrote:
> Dale,
> I am not quite clear how the external system works in Emerald. We want to integrate some other feature into the RadiusNT system, and we know how to write a Radius client program, but how to write a external system to integrate with RadiusNT.
> We would like to integrate FTP, Email, Web server,and other Application metering into RadiusNT.
> For example just like RadiusNT for dialup, we would have different accounttype for FTP service.
> Each SubAccount type will be assigned a FTP account type.
> Each FTP account type will have some custom attributes like size limit, concurrent connection limited, session-time out, etc.
> When FTP client connect to FTP server, the FTP server will send the user and account information via Radius client to RadiusNT with some sort of prefix or suffix, and RadiusNT will route the request to appropriate stored procedure in MS SQL, and MS SQL will send back those attributes to the RadiusNT, finally RadiusNT will route those attributes back to the FTP server.
> I am not quite sure if Emerald/RadiusNT does this already? If yes, how does the suffix or prefix map to appropriate stored procedure.

External Systems do NOT integrate into RadiusNT. They integrate
into the DB either directly, or using EmerAuth. In order ot do what
you want above, you have to kludge a lot together using a protocol
(RADIUS) that was not designed to do it.

What apps (external systems) are you trying to integrate with Emerald?


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