Re: [Emerald] Invalid column name "UserName"

Brian ( )
Tue, 28 Mar 2000 22:30:19 -0500

"Dale E. Reed Jr." wrote:

> Brian wrote:
> >
> > Nevermind, I rebuilt the entire Server. They (IEA-software) should note
> > in setup that Emerald is not compatible with Binary Sort Order.
> AFAIK, thats the only one that has been reported. You could have
> filed an service request with support on the problem. We have
> servers here that are case sensitive running Emerald.
> > With the default of case-insensitive, the reports and fields that failed
> > before are now working.
> I would recommend case-insensitive, though. It makes a lot of things
> easier, and is the default for SQL Server.
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The following is a post I placed here earlier. I believe these errors are
associated with the Binary problem also. With the case-insensitive setup I did
not get these errors.

<insert Error 208 Invalid Object Name Post>

When I create the Emerald Database I get 2 errors:

Error 208 Invalid Object Name: Imail Users
State= 11 Severity= 16

Error 208 Invalid Object Name: Imail SetUser
State= 11 Severity= 16

Database then comes up but I cannot access/add Operators

Wherein lies the problem?

The installation docs I have from IEA appear to be for SQL 6.5. Is the
an updated install manual for using SQL 7.0? Are there different steps
involved for setting up SQL 7.0 client side?

<end Insert>

Time Online is a biggie though. Without that, Emerald reporting is kinda flat.


Thanks,Brian DooleyClassic Service

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