Re: [Emerald] Is there a way to add another field to the Calls Online

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 28 Mar 2000 09:34:38 -0800

Will LaSala wrote:
> Ok,
> So if I add to my calls table
> NASPortDNIS int 25
> Will that be enough and should it be an int or varchar

It needs to be a varchar(12) or so. The size may vary, but the
type MUST match the dictionary type.

> Secondly, That will allow me to have that info in my calls database,
> and if I want it to show in a callsonline view...

You can add the column to the calls online view, but Emerald still
will not show it.

> what would I need to add there?
> You also mentioned the ServerPorts table, if all I want to do is view the
> incoming number will I need to modify this table?

The Callsonline view is only a "view" of other data. It contains none
itself. The real data for the callsonline view is from the Servers and
ServerPorts (mostly) table. You would have to add the column to the
Calls AND ServerPorts table, modify the calls trigger to update the
column and update the CallsOnline view to include the new column.

However, I must stress that Emerald will NOT show the new column.


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