[Emerald] ASP Based Online Signup

Steven Deaton ( (no email) )
Tue, 28 Mar 2000 12:04:08 -0800

I have downloaded and installed successfully, (apparently)... what I found
to be what I am looking for....
*except*.....I'm wondering........does anyone have any possible alterations?
Or is there anyone I can talk to that has this working?
I downloaded the zip..... IEAKSignupServer108.zip
and we are using RadiusNT 3.0 with Emerald 2.5.329

Is anyone running the above configuration or anything similar to the least?
I have a few questions about it, that I would like to
talk to someone about.

(NOTE: I am wondering, if I could possibly compound a few of the steps to
maybe have just one simple form to fill out, or something of the sort.... so
they can just go and fill out a form...and it does all the checking at
once........for CC# etc... and if all checks pass...then it adds, etc.)

Thank you,

Steven Deaton
BuzNet Communications
972-644-0440 x1008

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