Re: [Emerald]

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Mon, 27 Mar 2000 09:47:26 -0500

From: Dixita Shah <>
If I pass an adjustment to an invoice but need to edit it, is it possible to
do so. Have noticed that once the adjustment has been passed and there is
an error made, and if I go and void the invoice and create a new one, that
adjustment is not deleted.

What version of Emerald are you using? When you void an invoice that
contained a charge (adjustment), Emerald asks whether or not to unassociate
charges. If you choose yes, those charges will be attached to the next
renewal invoice. If you choose no, the charges will remain attached to the
voided invoice and you'll have to recreate any charges (adjustments) for the
next invoice.
You cannot edit an invoice directly. It has to be done via SQL commands.
You'd also have to manually edit the user's MBR to reflect any changes
(dates, balance, etc.) I definately wouldn't make any changes to an invoice
once it's been sent out to the customer.


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