Re: [Emerald] Invalid column name "UserName"

Brian ( )
Mon, 27 Mar 2000 09:59:26 -0500

Josh Hillman wrote:

> From: Brian <>
> > Whenever I try to get a Time On Report, I get an invalid column name
> > error.
> If you're using SQL Server, type "sp_help calls" in ISQL/w (SQL 6.5) or
> Query Analyzer (SQL 7). What columns are listed?
> Josh
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Hi Josh,

Thanks for responding.

I think I see what the problem might be now but don't know if there is an
easy way to fix it.

When I ran what you requested, I got zip.
Then I changed the c in calls to a C, and got a listing of the columns.
I then remembered that I set up SQL 7 with Binary sort order.
Everything is CASE-SENSITIVE!

There is no column UserName, but there is one Username.

Is there any way short of completely reloading SQL server to correct or
bypass this problem?


Thanks,Brian DooleyClassic Service

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