[Emerald] Create Invoice for this SubAccount?

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 22 Mar 2000 10:36:33 -0500

Using Emerald 2.5.322, when asked "Create Invoice for this SubAccount?"
after adding a new service to an existing MBR, choosing yes generates the
wrong amount on the newly created invoice. Does a newer version of Emerald
calculate this differently?

A new customer signed up on 2/29/00 and her first billing period was from
3/14/00 - 6/14/00. The correctly-generated invoice (created on 3/1/00)
contained a setup charge of $15.00 and a recurring charge of $19.95 (for
each of three months), totaling $74.85.

On 3/8/00, a new service was added to her MBR for $5.00/month (no setup
charge). After selecting "Yes" to "Create Invoice for this SubAccount?", an
invoice was automatically generated for 3/8/00 to 6/14/00 for $10.00 (with a
previous balance of 74.85), totaling $84.85.

Why was the second invoice only charging $10.00 for the $5.00/month charge
when the period was for a little over 3 months??


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