Re: [Emerald] Invoice Problems

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 19 Mar 2000 15:25:29 -0800

"Howard A. Brooks" wrote:
> Well, OK, I put the original invoice.rpt back in and the original
> message 53: File Not Found: Emerald returned. Preferences is
> set to invoice.rpt, and Administrator is set to invoice.rpt as
> well. I'm back where I was 3 days ago. In all my days (65 years
> now) I can't remember such frustration and the trying of my
> patience. The invoice that I am trying to eMail calls for the
> html type. Does this help?

The crash problem is most likely a CR8 problem. The file not found
problem is because emerald can not find the emerald.dll (which is
where the SMTP client is). Make sure your emerald.dll is either
in your working dir (the default) or your system(32) directory
and it should send the email.


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