Re: [Emerald] Invoice Problems

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 19 Mar 2000 15:27:20 -0800

"Howard A. Brooks" wrote:
> All I want to do is put a return address and logo on an invoice.
> I just can't imagine sending invoices with a return address for
> remittance. I didn't do anything to the hinvoice.rpt or
> einvoice.rpt forms except insert a .jpg logo and some text. Are
> you saying that html eMail's will not run, and that all eMail
> needs to be in plain text?

No. All I was saying is I have seen version/file problems
with Crystal Reports (ie, runs fine from the editor, but doesn't
from run time). If you put the original invoice.rpt back in and
it works, then you most likely have a report problem.


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