Re: [Emerald] Invoice Problems

Howard A. Brooks ( (no email) )
Sun, 19 Mar 2000 17:00:55 -0500

All I want to do is put a return address and logo on an invoice.
I just can't imagine sending invoices with a return address for
remittance. I didn't do anything to the hinvoice.rpt or
einvoice.rpt forms except insert a .jpg logo and some text. Are
you saying that html eMail's will not run, and that all eMail
needs to be in plain text?

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> "Howard A. Brooks" wrote:
> >
> > Well now I did it...Help! I manage to get a Dr Watson error
> > Emerald bombs when doing an invoice to eMail (I have
> > and hinvoice.rpt [made from invoice.rpt]). I've redone all
> > reports in CR8 and all appear to be printing just fine. But
> > setting is causing eMail to bomb?
> Put the original invoices from our website back in. If it
> its a problem with either the report enginer or the report
> itself. I've seen many times were corrupt reports cause
> nightmare problems.
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