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Shawn Workman ( )
Mon, 13 Mar 2000 15:11:49 -0800

Hi Rob,
I am not sure if this email is a request for support from IEA Softwar=
e staff, or an email to our customers on this mailing list. If this is a=
request for support from IEA Software staff, it should be sent to our Su=
pport Department. I have forwarded this message to them at the following=
address ( The Emerald, RadiusNT, and NTIsp li=
st are for our customers to get together and talk about problems they are=
having and is not intended as a means for IEA Software to provide suppor=

Thank you for your patience.

"Witzel, Rob" wrote:

> We have just deployed Emerald 2.5 with Radius NT 3.0 and are a very rou=
gh time with radius authentication. The suppert staff at IEA set us up w=
ith the Quick start program and have reviewed our settings the following =
day to no avail. Our problem is that users can authenticate fine for awh=
ile and then for no apparent reason a valid account from a properly confi=
gured machine will be rejected with a bad password error. The account ma=
y be refused for 3 or more times and then be granted access, or maybe not=
=2E Some accounts have more trouble than others even with different machi=
nes dialing in. We have tried deleting the account in Emerald and and the=
dun connection on the client machine and then recreating them with no lu=
ck. We are using Cisco as5248's that the staff at Cisco and IEA have con=
firmed were properly configured. We are at a loss but the frequent and s=
ometimes persistant authentication failures are taking a toll on our busi=
ness. If there are any suggestions We would welcome them.
> Thanks
> Rob Witzel
> Netwitz Internet
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