Witzel, Rob ( (no email) )
Mon, 13 Mar 2000 16:58:52 -0600

We have just deployed Emerald 2.5 with Radius NT 3.0 and are a very rough time with radius authentication. The suppert staff at IEA set us up with the Quick start program and have reviewed our settings the following day to no avail. Our problem is that users can authenticate fine for awhile and then for no apparent reason a valid account from a properly configured machine will be rejected with a bad password error. The account may be refused for 3 or more times and then be granted access, or maybe not. Some accounts have more trouble than others even with different machines dialing in. We have tried deleting the account in Emerald and and the dun connection on the client machine and then recreating them with no luck. We are using Cisco as5248's that the staff at Cisco and IEA have confirmed were properly configured. We are at a loss but the frequent and sometimes persistant authentication failures are taking a toll on our business. If there are any suggestions We would welcome t

Rob Witzel
Netwitz Internet

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