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Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 07 Jan 2000 09:31:45 -0800 wrote:
> When deactivating an account, both on the master screen and
> services screen, Emerald sometimes leaves an exp. date and
> sometimes changes that field to blank.
> We want all deactivated accounts to have no exp. listed.
> Sometimes, however, when we try to clear the field on a
> completely deactivated account, we get a run-time mismatch error.

Why are you changing/clearing the expiration when you deactivate
an account? YOu only need to deactivate the MBR, also.

If the account is renewal, it must have an expire date.
Some of the older clients had some problems when checking or
verifying the expiration date.

> Does anyone have any ideas how to get around it?

You should not need to clear the expire date. In general,
you should not just that field.

> Also, we have upgraded to 2.5.322 version and are attempting to
> use the email- html send method for invoices.
> Has anyone had any positive/negative experiences with this?
> Our regular email -txt emails were reaching our customers garbled...

Yeah. Trying to format text for different clients are challenging.
Thats why the HTML option appeared. :)

My tests show that the normal invoice.rpt is pretty decent in
HTML form, although you'll definately want to tweak it. Thats
using Netscape Communicator to read the mail.


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