Re: [Emerald] IMail 6.0

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Tue, 15 Feb 2000 13:00:22 +0800

> Thank you for trying to help me. I really appreciate it! You're
> special.

You're welcome.

> When I open EA Admin the DNS drop down does not show EMERALD.
> Shouldn't it according to Step 30 below. Also my log files are
> working and are filling with "Thread detach/Thread attach"
> messages. Any ideas what I broke this time?

Have you created an ODBC system DSN already ? If not, pls proceed to Control
Panel and create one that points to the Emerald database in SQL Server.

Can you send me a copy of the log file so I can better help you ?

> BTW how do you make second testing host in iMail.

I don't fully understand this question. Pls elaborate.

> > I installed EmerAuth on my IMail machine. And just to be sure,
> I rebooted it.

> Yes...I did that. I tried to reload EmerAuth, but it wouldn't
> get pass the EmerAuth.dll file and I couldn't delete it either.
> I removed (probably a big mistake) all references to EmerAuth.dll
> in the registry, rebooted and was able to reinstall EmerAuth
> after it allowed me to delete the EmerAuth.dll file. I booted
> again.

What do you mean by "reload EmerAuth" ?

> > In IMail Admin, what path did you specify for the external
> database?

> The path I used was to the EmerAuth.dll on the iMail server,
> Saint.

In my case, since EmerAuth and IMail were installed on the same machine, the
path I specified was C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\EmerAuth.dll

Pls make sure that you have the correct EmerAuth.dll . There was a time I
saw 2 such DLL's and the one that worked was the on in the WINNT\SYSTEM32

> > What exactly is the hostname you specified in IMail admin ?

> Under "LocalHost" it's
> And what domain name did you specify in Emerald Admin ?
> \\saint\imail\user

Ah, there's the problem. The domain name pertained to in Emerald Admin is an
internet domain name, not an NT domain name. As such, please specify as the domain in Emerald Admin.

Then send a test email to

> The above is not quite easy to do with many people on line using
> eMail. When I redirect to the External Database do one can do
> mail. A second copy of the iMail users would be cool but I don't
> have a clue on how to set up such a test file. I do have a second
> copy of the users on a second drive on the saint machine. I
> don't have a clue on how to use such a test setup!

Can you perhaps get a second NT machine and install IMail and EmerAuth on it
? This way you don't have to interrupt your existing operations.


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