[Emerald] Cannot delete service - SQL Server Error: 208 Invalid Object name 'ServerPortAccess'

Castro, Jojie ( jcastro@extelcom.com )
Tue, 15 Feb 2000 18:08:17 +0800


When we installed Emerald in our server, it came with a default Accounting
Configuration. We want to erase some of the services listed there (such as
ISDN, Shell, etc.) which are not applicable to our service.

We are using Emerald Admin 2.3.315, Emerald Manager 2.5.322, and RadiusNT
2.5. We are also using SQL Server 6.5 as our database server.

The exact error when we delete the service is: SQL Server Error: 208 Invalid
object name 'ServerPortAccess'. State=1, Severity=16

Hope to get a response soon.


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