Re: [Emerald] IMail 6.0

Howard A. Brooks ( (no email) )
Tue, 15 Feb 2000 08:26:14 -0500

Good Morning!

That did it...Once I setup the ODBC on the iMail server all was
fine. Duh!

And I also reset the domain in Emerald Admin.

Thank you for all your help. Now I can help someone else someday
on the same subject.

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> > Thank you for trying to help me. I really appreciate it!
> > special.
> You're welcome.
> > When I open EA Admin the DNS drop down does not show EMERALD.
> > Shouldn't it according to Step 30 below. Also my log files
> > working and are filling with "Thread detach/Thread attach"
> > messages. Any ideas what I broke this time?
> Have you created an ODBC system DSN already ? If not, pls
proceed to Control
> Panel and create one that points to the Emerald database in SQL
> Can you send me a copy of the log file so I can better help you
> > BTW how do you make second testing host in iMail.
> I don't fully understand this question. Pls elaborate.
> > > I installed EmerAuth on my IMail machine. And just to be
> > I rebooted it.
> > Yes...I did that. I tried to reload EmerAuth, but it
> > get pass the EmerAuth.dll file and I couldn't delete it
> > I removed (probably a big mistake) all references to
> > in the registry, rebooted and was able to reinstall EmerAuth
> > after it allowed me to delete the EmerAuth.dll file. I
> > again.
> What do you mean by "reload EmerAuth" ?
> > > In IMail Admin, what path did you specify for the external
> > database?
> > The path I used was to the EmerAuth.dll on the iMail server,
> > Saint.
> In my case, since EmerAuth and IMail were installed on the same
machine, the
> path I specified was C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\EmerAuth.dll
> Pls make sure that you have the correct EmerAuth.dll . There
was a time I
> saw 2 such DLL's and the one that worked was the on in the
> directory.
> > > What exactly is the hostname you specified in IMail admin ?
> > Under "LocalHost" it's
> > And what domain name did you specify in Emerald Admin ?
> > \\saint\imail\user
> Ah, there's the problem. The domain name pertained to in
Emerald Admin is an
> internet domain name, not an NT domain name. As such, please
> as the domain in Emerald Admin.
> Then send a test email to
> > The above is not quite easy to do with many people on line
> > eMail. When I redirect to the External Database do one can
> > mail. A second copy of the iMail users would be cool but I
> > have a clue on how to set up such a test file. I do have a
> > copy of the users on a second drive on the saint machine. I
> > don't have a clue on how to use such a test setup!
> Can you perhaps get a second NT machine and install IMail and
EmerAuth on it
> ? This way you don't have to interrupt your existing
> Cheers,
> Danny
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