RE: [Emerald] Help Desk Client

Ed and Kathy Tate ( (no email) )
Mon, 7 Feb 2000 18:38:09 -0800


We have written a companion application currently constructed as a access
front-end application using custom tables placed into the Emerald SQL
database. The companion application has the following features.

Complete trouble ticket tracking. When a customer calls, their name is
from the Emerald database through the companion application and a ticket is
for them. It then tracks every call back and attempted call back made by
tech support reps. We have found this to be a much more robust and
system then the 'customer care' tracking in the Emerald Suite. The trouble
ticket system also supports an escalation process that sends out e-mail
to those whom the tickets was escalated to. It also the ability for check
to be followed while the ticket is open to make sure tech support reps are
missing any basic troubleshooting functions.

Further more we have added components that allows us to:
- Track sales interest leads
- Automatically opens a ticket for courtesy call for new customers 3 days
after and 30 days after install
- Track customer cancellations
- Create in a 'batch' process our 15 day, 30 day, and 45 days notices and
final invoices
- It allows us to do functions that the Emerald suite will not, such as post
credits and adjustments against a specific invoice, rather than the balance
field and create accurate AR reports.

If you are interested let me know,

your name
your e-mail.

Jeff Cox
Manager, OnlineMac
McMinnville, OR

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