RE: [Emerald] URGENT: Billing Oddities
Tue, 8 Feb 2000 12:20:40 +0800

This is what i came up with so far:

1. moved the date on the sql server and client machines.
2. Run the invoice batch , and it recognized the three calls made.
3. i then went into the user records and found that the charge was made.
4. the charge made was for 0.00!

the user is under the 'promo' rate plan. Specifics of which are attached
Standard time 0
Standard interval 3600
Standard charge 40.00
Over Interval 3600
Over Charge 40

Start 12:00
End 13:00

REgular charge 60.00
Over Charge 60.00

The user made three calls:

one before the primary period(15minutes)
one that starts before the primary period but ends in the primary time
one that starts and end within the primary period.(15minutes)

I wanted to find out:

a. is the call during the non-primary period properly charged the 40.00 rate
b. what charge will be made to the call that starts before the primary
period, but ends within the primary time range? is it 40 or 60? or a mix of

c. is the call during the primary period properly charged at 60.00 rate?

However, the result is the three calls were charged at 0.00!

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> > i thought so, that is why, on the sql test server, i moved
> the date ahead
> > and did the process...
> > still with the same results.
> Did you move the date on the client and the SQL forward? Simulating
> this can be fun, and is not an exercise I recommend.
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