Re: [Emerald] ExternalTrans.ProcDate = 1/1/1900

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 05 Feb 2000 21:34:53 -0800

Josh Hillman wrote:
> Why would ExternalTrans.ProcDate = 1/1/1900 for all records in that table
> (except for one NULL record)?

Can you send me the first three transactions from the PC authorize
file? Looks like something isn't processing the date correctly.

> I was going to start using the CCEmail.rpt file and noticed that field is
> one that's pulled into it. Obviously 1/1/1900 doesn't make sense for the
> processing date, so I'm going to have to fix this (how?) or I'll have to use
> Payments.Date where ExternalTrans.PaymentID = Payments.PaymentID.
> Unfortunately, I'm not sure exactly how I'd incorporate that into the
> report, since I know of no way of testing the report.

You could channge the field from ProcDate to ReqDate. ReqDate is
by Emerald when it writes the transaction.


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