Re: [Emerald] Batch-in errors in Emerald with PC Authorize

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 7 Jan 2000 15:25:35 -0500

If there's no response to the message below, will the following procedures
mess up anything in Emerald 2.5.322?:

(130 entries)
Manually enter in the payments into Emerald that PC Authorize actually
processed (roughly 120 of the 130 transactions).


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Subject: [Emerald] Batch-in errors in Emerald with PC Authorize

> In Emerald 2.5.322, I ran an auto-batch, then when it was finished,
> on Batch Out. After PC Authorize (version ran the batch through
> the bank, I exported the batch to a text file. Then I ran "Batch In" from
> within Emerald. It "processed all 130 invoices" or whatever the message
> was, then an error window displayed:
> There were 130 errors, 0 duplicates, and 0 unknown transactions
> processed. Delete batch file anyway? OK/Cancel.
> Nothing was actually processed. Why?
> Running Emerald in debug mode didn't show anything other than a select
> statement that didn't change since I opened up the Batch window in the
> place.
> Emerald Admin has "PC Authorize" set in the Credit Card Batch setting;
> "none" is set for ACH (what does that stand for?). Limit=0 for both.
> is this? Batch-out and Batch-in file specifications are set correctly and
> work correctly.
> Here are the first two lines of the batch-out.txt and batch-in.txt files:
> batch-out.txt (as created by Emerald):
> "1",4321123412341234,"0601","Customer
> "2",5432543254325432,"0601","Some Name","4832",32312,19.95,2521,24257,
> batch-in.txt (as created by PC Authorize):
> 000620777400,,AA," ZIP MATCH ",,,,
> 000620777401,,ND," DECLINE ",,,,
> It looks to me like the reference number coming from PC Authorize is not
> correlated to the original information in any way.????? All 130
> transactions have "00062077" listed as the first part of the Reference
> Number in the batch-in.txt file (created by PC Authorize). The next
> is either a 7 or a 5. The next number is either a 1 or 4 and the last two
> numbers seem to be any number.
> Here's the import/export info I have for PC Authorize:
> Import:
> Reference Number
> Account Number
> Expiration Date
> *Filler*
> Address Ver Address
> Address Ver Zip
> Amount, Total
> Customer ID
> Invoice Number
> Export:
> Reference Number
> *Filer*
> Status, Transaction
> Response Text
> *Filer*
> *Filer*
> *Filer*
> *Filer*
> Josh
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