[Emerald] Batch-in errors in Emerald with PC Authorize

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 6 Jan 2000 17:11:58 -0500

In Emerald 2.5.322, I ran an auto-batch, then when it was finished, clicked
on Batch Out. After PC Authorize (version ran the batch through
the bank, I exported the batch to a text file. Then I ran "Batch In" from
within Emerald. It "processed all 130 invoices" or whatever the message
was, then an error window displayed:
There were 130 errors, 0 duplicates, and 0 unknown transactions
processed. Delete batch file anyway? OK/Cancel.

Nothing was actually processed. Why?
Running Emerald in debug mode didn't show anything other than a select
statement that didn't change since I opened up the Batch window in the first
Emerald Admin has "PC Authorize" set in the Credit Card Batch setting;
"none" is set for ACH (what does that stand for?). Limit=0 for both. What
is this? Batch-out and Batch-in file specifications are set correctly and
work correctly.

Here are the first two lines of the batch-out.txt and batch-in.txt files:

batch-out.txt (as created by Emerald):
"1",4321123412341234,"0601","Customer Name","66125",32301,19.95,2491,24256,
"2",5432543254325432,"0601","Some Name","4832",32312,19.95,2521,24257,

batch-in.txt (as created by PC Authorize):
000620777400,,AA," ZIP MATCH ",,,,
000620777401,,ND," DECLINE ",,,,

It looks to me like the reference number coming from PC Authorize is not
correlated to the original information in any way.????? All 130
transactions have "00062077" listed as the first part of the Reference
Number in the batch-in.txt file (created by PC Authorize). The next number
is either a 7 or a 5. The next number is either a 1 or 4 and the last two
numbers seem to be any number.

Here's the import/export info I have for PC Authorize:
Reference Number
Account Number
Expiration Date
Address Ver Address
Address Ver Zip
Amount, Total
Customer ID
Invoice Number

Reference Number
Status, Transaction
Response Text


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