Re: [Emerald] Just a quickie!!

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 13:09:36 -0800

Brian Baker wrote:
> I installed 4 pm30 and have been running a pm3 at another location.
> Everything has been working fine with the pm3. But with the pm2 the connect
> rate on the online screen does not show. I thought I read somewhere the
> attbr. 64 for connect rate(?) and 77 for connect rate(77 seems to work for
> the pm3 but not the pm2).
> Question : should I put in another attbr. of 65 for connect?

The PM2 is an analog device and doesn't support connect-info.

> Different topic
> I have been running 3 pm2 without a problem. I installed the 4th pm2. In the
> Rad log I se a username then the data field has garbage in it. Any Ideas
> where to start looking?? Why did the first three setup and work with a
> hitch... but the fourth(programmed line for line the same..except for ip
> pool) only shows the data a user sends as strange characters.

The garbage means the secret defined in the PM2 doesn't match the secret
defined in the Emerald Admin, RadiusNT, servers entry for the PM2.


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