Re: [Emerald] ICVerify Batching in Emerald 2.5.278

Frank Canode ( (no email) )
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 11:20:29 -0600

When you "Batch Out" of Emerald, the file that is created is ready to be
transmitted by ICVerify. You shouldn't use the Import/Export feature of
ICVerify at all. Just select the "Transmit offline group" function in
ICVerify and select the file to transmit. You can use the "Default" if
Emerald is creating the file in the appropriate directory(the one that
ICVerify uses as it's default) or use "selected" to browse for the file.
After your file is transmitted and authorized by ICVerify, you will get a
pop-up dialog that tells you to review the transaction report (not the exact
words of the message but similar) - don't view the report. If you do,
ICVerify will rename the file that Emerald looks for to the .bxo extension
that you describe and Emerald will not find it.

Hope the helps

Frank Canode
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> Yesterday, we performed our first Emerald 2.5 billing after using 2.2 for
> quite some time without problems. We were anxious to use the new ICVerify
> batch-in feature, which would eliminate hours of work manually paying
> invoices.
> We created CC invoices, and batched them out. The batch file came out in
> this format:
> "C1","5010","Customer Name On CC","5424123456789012","0201","19.95"
> Once I saw the new format, I added to and rearranged the "Import
> column list in ICVerify. All of the imported transactions seemed to take,
> and I Processed Offline Transactions in ICVerify. Immediately I saw a
> problem with the new format of the Emerald Batch file... as seen below:
> "C1","5011","Customer Name On CC, Jr.","4275123456789012","0802","19.95"
> The comma in the Customer Name forced ICVerify to think that "Jr." was the
> CC Number, "4275123456789012" was the expire date, and $8.02 was the
> (see below). Of course, ICVerify let us know it was wrong and didn't
> it. No problem, as there were only a few customers with commas in their CC
> Name. But the commas should be filtered out.
> Next, I searched the ICVerify Data Directory for some sort of Batched file
> to import into Emerald. The file I found was batchout.bxo, so I copied it
> a floppy and renamed it batchout.dat... which is what I have set in
> Administrator. Here is the format of the batchout file from ICVerify
> (realizing there are two lines per transaction):
> "","","","","","",""
> "11-23-1999","15:43:39","Y400003","A1995","","004978"
> ,"",""
> "11-23-1999","15:43:39","NNINVALID ACCOUNT NUMBER","X","","004978"
> I click "Batch In" and Emerald returns with "560 transactions processed",
> which is odd because there are 280... but 280x2=560 and there are 2 lines
> per transaction, so I don't think anything of it. I click OK, and Emerald
> returns with "There were 280 Errors, 0 Duplicate and 0 Unknown
> processed. Delete batch file anyways?" I click cancel because I do not
> to lose my batch file.
> I check the invoices and none are paid.
> What do I need to do to resolve this?
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