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If that's how ICVerify reads the file, then get in touch with them...
I've been a DB programmer for years (even longer than I've been a
net-tech) and proper etiquette is to assume *everything* inside the
quotes is part of the string. That's the whole point of the quotes. :-)

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Subject: [Emerald] ICVerify Batching in Emerald 2.5.278

Yesterday, we performed our first Emerald 2.5 billing after using 2.2
quite some time without problems. We were anxious to use the new
batch-in feature, which would eliminate hours of work manually paying

We created CC invoices, and batched them out. The batch file came out in
this format:

"C1","5010","Customer Name On CC","5424123456789012","0201","19.95"

Once I saw the new format, I added to and rearranged the "Import
column list in ICVerify. All of the imported transactions seemed to
and I Processed Offline Transactions in ICVerify. Immediately I saw a
problem with the new format of the Emerald Batch file... as seen below:

"C1","5011","Customer Name On CC, Jr.","4275123456789012","0802","19.95"

The comma in the Customer Name forced ICVerify to think that "Jr." was
CC Number, "4275123456789012" was the expire date, and $8.02 was the
(see below). Of course, ICVerify let us know it was wrong and didn't
it. No problem, as there were only a few customers with commas in their
Name. But the commas should be filtered out.

Next, I searched the ICVerify Data Directory for some sort of Batched
to import into Emerald. The file I found was batchout.bxo, so I copied
it to
a floppy and renamed it batchout.dat... which is what I have set in
Administrator. Here is the format of the batchout file from ICVerify
(realizing there are two lines per transaction):

"11-23-1999","15:43:39","NNINVALID ACCOUNT NUMBER","X","","004978"

I click "Batch In" and Emerald returns with "560 transactions
which is odd because there are 280... but 280x2=560 and there are 2
per transaction, so I don't think anything of it. I click OK, and
returns with "There were 280 Errors, 0 Duplicate and 0 Unknown
processed. Delete batch file anyways?" I click cancel because I do not
to lose my batch file.

I check the invoices and none are paid.

What do I need to do to resolve this?


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