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I thought that if you "Transmit Offline Group" instead of importing, the
MMYY that Emerald sends is read as YYMM in ICVerify. Is this true?


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When you "Batch Out" of Emerald, the file that is created is ready to be
transmitted by ICVerify. You shouldn't use the Import/Export feature of
ICVerify at all. Just select the "Transmit offline group" function in
ICVerify and select the file to transmit. You can use the "Default" if
Emerald is creating the file in the appropriate directory(the one that
ICVerify uses as it's default) or use "selected" to browse for the file.
After your file is transmitted and authorized by ICVerify, you will get a
pop-up dialog that tells you to review the transaction report (not the exact
words of the message but similar) - don't view the report. If you do,
ICVerify will rename the file that Emerald looks for to the .bxo extension
that you describe and Emerald will not find it.

Hope the helps

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