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Tue, 28 Sep 1999 09:08:00 -0500

We've got it running here. It's ok for a canned package. We ended up
doing some manual modification of some of the ASP files to add
functionality. Do make sure you are running FP2000SE. The versions of
Storefront prior to this are buggy at best.

Jeff Binkley
ASA Network Computing

N>I haven't tried it yet, but the sales guff looks good:


N>At 04:05 PM 9/22/99 -0400, you wrote:
N>>Wholly Cow!
N>>That seems like quite a bit of work just to get FPSE 2k working.
N>>I just did it on my new ecom servers and didn't have that many
N>>I problems. have just one...hehe...SiteServer 3.0 Ecom edition
N>doesn't like FP 2K *AT >ALL* so instead I manually set it up after the
N>Ecom Wizard gets done with >it.
N>>Here's what I did for just a plain IIS 4.0 server and FPSE 2K
N>>1) installed NT service pack 5 (yes it says not to but I have more
N>luck= this
N>>2) installed IE 5 (again M$ says you should only use 4.01 sp2 but I
N>still >have more luck this way)
N>>3) installed Option Pack
N>>4) installed FPSE 2k from the Office 2000 disk
N>>5) setup the FPSE extensions in the FP MMC (just the email support
N>stuff= and
N>>"upgrade extensions")
N>>6) created the virtual client in a directory (D:\inetpub\virtual
N>>7) Set the web site up in IIS MMC with HTTP 1.1 header settings
N>>8) Installed FPSE on the new web using the task menu under IIS MMC
N>>9) Went to my computer and started FP 2000 (only a 166 some I had
N>time to= do
N>>the other steps ;-))
N>>10) Added a user to either the Main NT domain or (if the computer is
N>not a >BDC) added a user to the local NT SAM.
N>>11) set the new users main NT group to my FP Authors group
N>>12) Went back to my computer and load new Virtual web site
N>>13) In FP I go to security and give author and browser to new NT user
N>and >remove (or reset) all other permissions the only person with
N>Admin >permissions is the Administrators Group
N>>14) Called customer and told him to user the new NT user name to edit
N>his >web site.
N>>As far as FP98 is concerned most of my customers have not reported
N>any >conflicts with the new FPSE 2K.
N>>and if they did I would tell them to go out and buy office 2000 just=
N> because
N>>FP 2000 is soooooooooo much better then fp98.
N>>I hope this helps.
N>>P.S. I noticed someone on this thread said their customer had a good
N>ecom >plugin for FP 2K. I don't suppose you could email me with which
N>one that >was.
N>>Will ,,,=3D^. .^=3D,,,
N>=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D >"Link
N>Locally ~ Surf Globally=A9" >Come Play On
N>The Best Quake Server in the Northeast >Serving Eastern Massachusetts
N>and Southern New Hampshire >TEL: 978-363-8898 FAX: 978-363-1225
N>=3D= D
N>>----- Original Message -----
N>>From: Jeff Woods <>
N>>To: <>
N>>Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 1999 3:17 PM
N>>Subject: Re: [NTISP] frontpage 2000 server Extensions
N>> > I did the upgrade at the behest of a client who wanted to install
N>> > a shopping cart / E-Commerce package that claimed to require FPSE
N>2K. = This
N>> > client brings me a LOT of hosting business, so I obliged. It
N>> > BROKE the existing FPSE 98 in the process, and I couldn't get FPSE
N>> > 2K to allow an install, for the reason I quoted below. I *did*
N>> > manage to get it going since, in desperation, and here's what I
N>> > wrote to that client about the solution. Perhaps it will help
N>> >some here:

N>> > I have SOLVED the problem for FPSE 2K by the brute force
N>> >method....

N>> > Recall:

N>> > "Unable to create a web for the URL "/" because its root
N>> > "directory, d:\docs\aeicomp\" falls below the root of another web
N>> > "d:\int he directory, docs".

N>> > There *is* no web at d:\docs. I've spent hours trying to solve
N>this= one,
N>> > and cannot.

N>> > --------

N>> > Well, turns out that the initial installation of IIS asks for the
N>> > home directory, where all future sites will be located. This
N>> >defaults to:

N>> > c:\iis\wwwroot (or some such tree, wwwroot being the end, on C:)

N>> > Ick. C: sucks. 2 GB limit on the boot drive under NT, and for
N>> > safety and recovery, I make it a FAT drive, not NTFS (thus you can
N>> > access the drive by botting with a DOS floppy if you just MUST).
N>> > But a FAT drive cannot have any security, hence no FPSE. (No,
N>don't think that far >ahead
N>> > of me, I didn't do THAT).

N>> > Since I couldn't abide by having the web docs stored on a
N>> > non-secure FAT partition, I typed in a new location where
N>> > permitted, during the Option Pack installation:

N>> > D:\DOCS (A many-gigabyte NTFS partition)

N>> > IIS then creates a DEFAULT WEB SITE in that directory! I always
N>KILL >that
N>> > site, since that's NOT what I want. I then install all
N>directories >under
N>> > that:


N>> > Since they are all "on par" with each other, no site in a
N>subdirectory= of
N>> > another site (by definition, no "sub-webs" exist), there should be
N>> > no problem, right?

N>> > WRONG.

N>> > Remember that default web site it creates in the first directory
N>you= give
N>> > it? That was d:\docs, right? Well, I removed the site from the
N>IIS >Admin
N>> > pages using the MMC console, so there shouldn't be a front page
N>> > web there. But THERE WAS.

N>> > Deep inspection found _vti_cnf and other _vti* directories in
N>d:\docs,= the
N>> > usual hidden directories. I didn't think to look there for them,=
N> because
N>> > did not remember there ever being a web installed at that "top
N>> >level".

N>> > I stopped the web server, and removed these directories. I then=
N>> > the web server, and again tried to apply FPSE 2K to the site.

N>> > I did *not* get the error from before, and I do seem to have the
N>ability >to
N>> > now use the FPSE 2K tab in the MMC console, which I never could
N>do= before.

N>> > I have also been able to open the web (as Administrator) using
N>> > FP98, and have confirmed that the NT SAM account has proper
N>> >permissions even now.

N>> > At 12:28 PM 9/22/99 -0600, you wrote:
N>> > >I am sure FP98SE do not support all 2000 functions, but FP2000 on
N>the >client
N>> > >end will interface fine with the FP98SE. I have used it plenty
N>> > >lately.

N>> > >So, what am I missing, and why should we install the FP2000SE
N>> > >then?

N>> > >Dave

N>> > >----- Original Message -----
N>> > >From: Jeff Woods <>
N>> > >To: <>
N>> > >Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 1999 8:34 AM
N>> > >Subject: Re: [NTISP] frontpage 2000 server Extensions

N>> > > > INSTALLING isn't the problem. RUNNING is. <sigh>
N>> > > >
N>> > > > If you locate a clue, could I borrow it? Here's what I ran
N>> > > >into:

N>> > > > Install went OK, but when I try to set up FPSE2K on a site, I
N>am= told:
N>> > > >
N>> > > > "Unable to create a web for the URL "/" because its root
N>> > > > "directory, d:\docs\aeicomp\" falls below the root of another
N>web int he >directory,
N>> > > > "d:\docs".
N>> > > >
N>> > > > There *is* no web at d:\docs. I've spent hours trying to
N>solve= this
N>> > > > and cannot.
N>> > > >
N>> > > > At this point, I'm unable to even go back to FPSE98 without
N>nuking= the
N>> > > > site, either. Right now, I'm without FPSE at all, and will
N>likely >remain
N>> > >so.
N>> > > >
N>> > > > At 09:02 AM 9/22/99 -0500, you wrote:
N>> > > > >HI
N>> > > > >
N>> > > > >Can anyone lead to some good doc. on how to install FrontPage
N>2000 >Server
N>> > > > >Extensions on to iis 4.0 server.
N>> > > > >
N>> > > > >Thanks
N>> > > > >Thomas
N>> > > > >
N>> > > > >
N>> > > >
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