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Try to help you as i can...

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Date: Friday, September 03, 1999 9:00 PM
Subject: [NTISP] Mail Server Conversion

>We have had lots of troubles with SL Mail and plan on replacing it. We are
>looking pretty hard at Imail. I like that we can do a full evaluation for
>45 days. It gives us a chance to put it under load and see how reliable it
>is. My question is, how do we smoothly migrate from one mail server to
>another? SL Mail will let us export the users and passwords in a comma
>delimited format, I assume that Imail will allow us to import that. The

the adduser.exe can be helpful for importing lists:

>problem arises with existing mail waiting in SL Mail's POP3 mailbox. When
>we convert, users will no longer be able to download mail that was waiting
>prior to installing the new server. SL Mail stores the pop3 boxes in .mbx
>files. Is that a standard format, can I copy those to the IMail directory,
>or does someone have a converter? Any recommendations?

copy it into your directory on the test server and try it... nothing to lose
except having to kill the service and clear out the files and restart.

>I would also like recommendations on a mail server for NT. Something that

depends on the number of users and domains, messages, etc. we're on a
with 64MB RAM and 8GB drive, and it's been fine, but it is a dedicated
we've about +-100 domains with about 5-10 users/aliases each.

>would allow our users to remotely manage their domains would be fantastic!

I believe someone with host administrator privs (through imail) and web
can add/delete users and aliases via the web to the max # you set in the

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for more helpful info on imail check out:
to jon their list, lots of helpful friendly people.

PS: we have been using imail (v.4x) for almost 2 years
for ourselves and our customers and it's been great for

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