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Take a look at Isocor Products , they have a powerfull mail
server, I've been using it for about a year, and it runs without a problem.

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We have had lots of troubles with SL Mail and plan on replacing it. We are
looking pretty hard at Imail. I like that we can do a full evaluation for
45 days. It gives us a chance to put it under load and see how reliable it
is. My question is, how do we smoothly migrate from one mail server to
another? SL Mail will let us export the users and passwords in a comma
delimited format, I assume that Imail will allow us to import that. The
problem arises with existing mail waiting in SL Mail's POP3 mailbox. When
we convert, users will no longer be able to download mail that was waiting
prior to installing the new server. SL Mail stores the pop3 boxes in .mbx
files. Is that a standard format, can I copy those to the IMail directory,
or does someone have a converter? Any recommendations?

I would also like recommendations on a mail server for NT. Something that
would allow our users to remotely manage their domains would be fantastic!


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